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B.S. Nutrition Dietetics & Food Science

B.S. Exercise Physiology 

M.S. Nutrition Education 

Certified Professional Coach (CPC) 

Work History


Independent Consultant

Co-Founder Shameless Pets

Director of Food Science @ Chew Innovation

Director of R & D; Mary's Gone Crackers

Community Nutrition Researcher; Center for Nutrition and Acitivity Promotion

Lecturer & Teacher Assistant; California State University, Chico




To infuse my passion for conscious living through a lens of curiosity, empathy, and drive toward purpose. To embrace challenges as a means of personal and professional growth. To create solutions for people and the planet as a legacy of true grit. To adventure through life wholeheartedly expressing joy and gratitude, deeply connecting with souls along the way. To live aligned with my true, authentic self and support others in doing the same.  To express my values as an intuitive guide in achieving my wildest dreams.   

Why work with me?

Clients tell me that:

I'm experienced

I have taken 35 products from nothing more than an idea to the shelf, managing everything in between.  This ain't my first rodeo! That being said, I have a reliable network when additional expertise is needed. 

I've walked in their shoes

I'm co-Founder of my own brand with my own money and un-paid time, so I understand how overwhelming and risky it all feels. We'll do everything we can to work efficiently and economically to make your brand successful.

I do things differently

There is absolutely a time and a place for process, but let's create a product that stands out from the crowd and speaks to consumer's needs.

I'm your target consumer!

I'm a health conscious, finicky, urban dwelling millennial out to save the world with every dollar I spend!  Okay, maybe I'm not that stereotypical, but I have some insight to this generation of consumers.

I do what I say

It's my job to meet your needs and I do not take that lightly.  Let's prioritize strong lines of communication, set expectations, and get it done.

I'm curious at heart

I don't pretend to know everything.  I ask questions, I research, and I find answers.  Time to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.

My Brand



If you wanna be all official about it:

Alexandra Waite Resume (pdf)



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Alex Waite

Boston, MA

(925) 348-4225


By appointment via phone, skype, or in-person local arrangements.